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Fill your job faster with our Indeed Job Sponsor Booster

Fill your job faster, sponsor it for a week on indeed for an additional £49 – billed at cost (£7 a day budget allocated – pay per application). You can of course increase the spend / your budget to fit your role, urgency and increase applications. We’ll sponsor your job on indeed, plus we’ll pay them directly, so all you need to do is sit back and review the extra applications.

1 week (£7 a day) is the lowest we would recommend in terms of budget, but if you have multiple roles to fill or are struggling for quality applications we would definitely recommend applying as much budget as you can (within reason of course), this will make sure that your job posting stays on top & easily found and not on page 5 by the end of the same day as you posted it for free.

At Blue Rocket, we will allocate the full £49 to your job advertisement and do not charge to sponsor & manage the job for you or to make payment to indeed – another reason to choose us  🚀

For information on our indeed job sponsor boost, or any aspects of our recruitment advertising services don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email 🚀🚀

Recruitment Advertising

We’ve removed the risk of pay upfront recruitment advertising

We’ve been in business for over a year now and we are proud to of helped hundreds of companies recruit in that time.

However, surprisingly to us we’ve had a number of companies who have a live vacancy, looking to recruit directly and not use an agency, after consideration – decide not to use us.

So, we asked why?

Basically, it seems that having to pay £399 upfront without any guarantee of success was putting a lot of hiring managers & company directors off of using Blue Rocket.

We get it.

There is always an element of risk involved in any online advertising solution. Albeit Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Autotrader and so on… Recruitment advertising is no different.

At Blue Rocket we ensure your job gets maximum exposure across all the leading Job Sites, platforms & portals – so we are confident you’ll make a successful hire.

But what if you don’t get a good response? What if you don’t successfully recruit? That’s where we have stepped up and eliminates most of the risk.

When you engage our services, we will invoice you just £199 which covers all of the advertising media buying costs.

At the time of writing this, a single credit on the following Job boards would cost you:

Reed – £150, CV Library – £99, Total Jobs – £149. That’s a total of £398

With Blue Rocket you’ll get your job advertised on all of the above, for half that – just £199, plus lots of other online job platforms too.

You won’t need to pay a penny more until you’ve successfully recruited.

Once and only when you have successfully recruited, does our final installment of £200 become payable.

We can’t say fairer than that can we?

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Advertise a Job Online

Tried recruiting yourself, but without success?

We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job advert and then sitting back, waiting for the applications to start flowing in, just leaving you to pick the best candidate for the job.

It’s not…

However, with a little help from an online recruitment provider like Blue Rocket, we can make sure you are on your way to making a successful hire – quickly and easily, for just £399.

The main reasons why most hiring managers & business owners really struggle to recruit themselves are:

  1. They spend 5 minutes putting a quick paragraph together, explaining roughly what the job entails and use this as a job advert.

Recruitment advertising is marketing – you need to first get attention, create desire, and then sell the opportunity. Why is this job better than their current one.

2. They choose to run their advert on just one job board, leaving it to chance, that is where their ideal candidates are looking. Or, even worse – they choose a ‘Free to Advertise’ option, for       example with indeed – where after 15 minutes of posting, their job advert falls off a cliff onto page 12 or beyond.

3. Speed & communication (more a lack of) – hiring managers & business owners fail to communicate with applicants, acknowledging applications, updating applicants on the status of the role / their application. Plus, above all – not reviewing & interviewing candidates in a timely fashion. Waiting 3 weeks to contact the ideal applicant, only to find out that they got snapped up and started with a competitor a week ago.

We get it – business owners, hiring manager & entrepreneurs are busy getting on with running their business, looking after their customers and haven’t got time to invest in the recruitment process.

But… You need to invest in the recruitment process, and if you engage the services of Blue Rocket Recruitment, for just £399:

  • We’ll write you a compelling, fully optimised job advert from scratch, that will get the right candidates applying to your job
  • We’ll advertise your job across all the leading job boards, online platforms and social media – not only attracting the best candidates, but more of them
  • All applications come with full CVs and the applicant’s contact details
  • Our simple, cloud-based dashboard allows you to manage all applicants in one place
  • For a limited time, we’ll arrange all interviews on your behalf for FREE
  • Fully account managed – support only ever a call a way
  • We offer a recruit of your money back guarantee

So, if you are looking to recruit directly, but don’t have the expertise or the time to ensure your campaign is a success – engage Blue Rocket Recruitment.

For just a one-off fee of £399 (no more to pay), no contract, no commitments – you’ll be on your way to making your next great hire, fast.

Call one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email to find out more or to get cracking. 🚀

We’ll arrange all interviews – for FREE

Recruitment can certainly take a lot of time & effort, especially when hiring directly and not using a traditional recruitment agency.

At Blue Rocket, we completely understand that you want to be spending time on doing tasks that you do best, like looking after your customers, growing your business, and making money. Not on recruitment activities.

Our simple, effective and fairly priced recruitment solution allows you to do just that. Fully automated & account managed, we take both the hassle and your time out of the hiring process.

Plus, for a limited time only, we will arrange all interviews with your shortlisted candidates for you, for FREE.

We’’ make all the arrangements to fit them into your diary, send you Outlook calendar invites to confirm. Plus, we’ll send confirmation emails to all selected candidates, along with the Job Spec, website links and any specific instructions – just leaving you to interview and hire.

For just £399, why would you not use Blue Rocket Recruitment to make your next great hire? 🚀

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How to write the perfect job advert

How to write the perfect job advert – FREE eBook

The key component of making any recruitment campaign a success is sourcing the right candidates in which to shortlist & interview from. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But if it is so obvious, surely common sense would ensure that the advertising process is fundamental to any recruitment campaign – attracting the right candidates!

You’d of thought… but time & time again we see poorly written adverts written on company websites, job boards, social media & all over the internet. It’s not just employers who are guilty of this – some of the worst we’ve seen have been poorly written adverts by recruitment agencies.

If you are responsible for recruiting, or looking to recruit any time soon – complete the below form and receive your free eBook & template to use, to ensure you are on your way to recruiting success and making your next great hire.

    questions to ask candidates at interview

    Top 40 questions to ask candidates during an interview – FREE eBook

    When hiring a new employee, it is important to ask the right questions.

    But how do you really dig into what makes someone tick as an employee, and how do you determine if they’ll be a good fit for your business — not only in terms of their skills, but also their personality, and as a part of your company culture?

    To help you come up with the perfect list of interview questions to ask potential employees, we’ve come up with 40, and divided this list into five categories; basic interview questions, behavioural interview questions, salary & career development questions and getting started questions. Pick and choose a handful that feel most applicable from each list.

    Complete the below form and your eBook, with 40 questions you can ask candidates during an interview will be in your inbox in minutes.

    Happy interviewing 🚀

      advertise a job - blue rocket

      Are Job Boards the best way to recruit?

      Speaking to a number of owners, directors and hiring managers, we often get asked – are job boards really the best way to recruit?

      A lot of recruitment agencies will say, job boards are a thing of the past, it’s all about tapping into our little black book, the under the radar pool of candidates that they have access to, and yes, when recruiting at CEO or Director level, especially for big organisations paying salaries of £100K plus, yes. But for your more general roles, albeit office based admin, accounting, trades & construction, hospitality, sales (I could go on), job boards are by far the best source of candidates. Job Boards are where the majority or recruitment agencies get 95% of their candidates from – but they wont tell you that, why would they – then you could cut out the middle man, and recruit direct 😉

      Over the past 5 years, I must say that with unemployment at an all time low, there has been big skill shortages which has not made it easy to recruit for many roles, across various sectors. But now, as we emerge from the pandemic, and with more and more good employees unfortunately being made redundant, there is a pool of good candidates, looking for a new job across the majority of sectors – and where do they go first to look for a job, you’ve got it – job boards.

      Don’t just take it from me, here is some data from the job boards to back this up.

      Indeed (data updated for March 2020)

      With a strong worldwide presence, Indeed continues to lead in the market overall:

      • 250 million unique monthly visitors
      • Database of 175 million CVs
      • 10 jobs added per second globally

      However, the data from three of the UK’s other leading job boards is also hugely positive:

      Totaljobs (data provided for May 2020)

      • 5 million visits
      • 5 CVs in their database
      • 8m applications made
      • 66,376 jobs posted

      CV-Library (year-on-year data provided for June 2020)

      • Website traffic up by 5.9%
      • CV registrations increased by 19.2%
      • Average applications per vacancy increased by a massive 106%, with an average 30+ applications per job

      Reed (data updated for June 2020)

      • 70% increase in clicks from Google through to their website
      • Some sectors, such as social care, has seen the number of jobs posted more than double in June 2020 (year-on-year)

      These impressive figures for job board interest show that these platforms are still by far one of the most effective tools to use for your recruitment.

      However, we fully understand that it is not only time consuming to reach out to all of the individual job boards, pay them all separate, then right a fully optimised advert that really sells your opportunity, post it on each one, then watch sporadic applications come in to your inbox – if it’s not something you are familiar with, it can be a real headache. That’s why we’ve launched Blue Rocket Recruitment 🚀 –  we do it all for you, write your advert, post it across all the job boards, plus give you access to your own fully branded, cloud candidate dashboard which ranks all candidates in order of suitability, just leaving you to recruit as many candidates into you would like into your business, and for just £399no more.

      Attract. Engage. Hire. Grow 🚀🚀

      If you’d like to learn more, require any more information or simply have a vacancy that you’d like us to advertise for you, please do not hesitate to contact either myself of one of the team on 023 8033 6633 or email 

      All the best,

      Steve Wyeth

      Founder 🚀


      Job Board Advertising

      How we differ from a recruitment agency

      Our digital recruitment advertising platform is unique, and we often get asked, what is the difference  between using Blue Rocket to using a traditional recruitment agency.

      Blue Rocket is different (better) in so many ways.

      Having worked in recruitment for over 20 years, we knew recruitment was broken, so we have fixed it and launched Blue Rocket Recruitment. Our mission is to save you time & money by simplifying the recruitment process. No contracts. No commissions. Low cost, with a one-off payment of just £399.

      Here are the 4 main differences:

      Agency Fees – There is none. No paying 16% or more of the successful hire’s first year’s salary, which results in £1000s. Once more, you can make multiple hires from any one campaign and not have to pay a penny more.

      Maximum Exposure – We use all the leading job boards such as, CV Library & Total Jobs, as well as more niche & location specific job boards, plus aggregators such as indeed and of course social media. We advertise your role across over 800 platforms. A typical agency will rely on just 1 or 2 (to save money).

      Full Transparency & Brand Protection – We represent you, the employer and not the applicants we attract. This means the candidates are yours, so you are in complete control of all communication with them, so you can protect your employer brand, and ensure a great candidate experience.

      Candidates Not Pitched Other Roles – Recruitment agencies, due to the nature of the no placement, no fee model, send the same candidates they have sent to you, to your competition. This maximises their chance of a placement, plus in some cases they try to persuade the candidate to accept a job in which they would earn the higher fee. With Blue Rocket, every candidate that applies to your role is yours and will go straight into your candidate dashboard, in which no other clients have access to. They certainly will not be contacted or pitched any other roles from us.

      So, in a nutshell – if you have a job which you need to fill quickly and want to access the leading job boards & online recruitment platforms, for a fraction of the price of using an agency or buying the media directly (just £399), then call either myself or one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email

      All the best,

      Steve Wyeth

      Founder 🚀

      Hiring secrets that recruiters don’t want you to know

      Hiring secrets that recruiters don’t want you to know

      Recruitment has moved on dramatically from the days of your local cock of the walk recruitment consultant holding all the cards, by having their little black book of candidates that you cannot gain access to elsewhere.

      The internet has changed recruitment dramatically, and technology & innovation will continue to do so, as with most industries.

      However, in most cases the dysfunctional recruitment agency model has not changed at all since the 90’s. It has stayed outdated and living on the past glory of being able to gain access to that ‘little black book’.

      Recruiters up and down the country, actually no – worldwide, claim that the best candidates are not on job boards or are not looking online.

      When, today’s job seeker is always searching. Did you know that over 90% of job seekers use their smartphone to find their next role?

      So, is it any surprise that over 94% of the vacancies a typical recruitment agency will fill, the successful candidates would of actually responded to an advert that the agency had run on job boards or online.

      They won’t tell you that…

      However, to be able to successfully recruit yourself, you need to make sure your job adverts are attracting the best people.

      A well thought out, well written and an engaging job advert that appeals to your ideal target audience is key to your recruiting success.

      That’s where our 20 years of recruitment marketing experience comes in.

      For just £399, not only will we post your job advert across all the leading job boards & online platforms. Plus, give you full access to your own, award winning cloud-based dashboard to manage all applications from. We will transform your job description into a compelling, fully optimised job advert, selling your opportunity and engaging with your ideal candidate.

      So, next time you look to recruit using an agency, paying thousands of pounds in recruitment fees, for the same candidates that with a little help & expertise from the team at Blue Rocket, you can recruit yourself for just £399. Plus, with Blue Rocket, you are able to make multiple hires from any campaign at no additional cost. Think again & slaughter them sacred cows.

      The future of recruitment is here. Recruit like you are in 2020 🚀

      For more information, don’t hesitate to contact myself of one of the team on 023 8033 6633 or email

      All the best,

      Steve Wyeth

      Founder 🚀

      There is no better time to recruit

      If you are looking to recruit & grow your business as we start to come out of the pandemic, I have good news – there is no better time to recruit.

      Now is the ideal time to advertise your vacancy. With more & more candidates looking for work and fewer jobs being posted, the opportunity to hire the right candidate into your business has never been better.

      Plus, due to many companies cutting back and making redundancies – exceptional, high calibre candidates, who were once incredibly happy and no inclination of looking for another job, now find themselves searching online, looking for their next career opportunity.

      At Blue Rocket, we can help you take advantage of this new (and increasing), available pool of candidates.

      We know you are busy working on your business, so dedicating quality time to writing effective job adverts, posting on the job boards and sifting through applications to create a shortlist, is no doubt not on your top priority list.

      One of our online recruitment experts will take your job description and transform it into an attractive engaging advert and post it across all the leading job boards and online platforms for you. We will give you access to your very own cloud-based candidate dashboard to review and manage all applications in one place. Plus, you’ll get your very own dedicated account manager to help & offer advice throughout your campaign.

      All for just £399

      If you’d like to know more, just get in contact with myself or one of the team for a no obligation chat.

      All the best

      Steve Wyeth

      Founder 🚀