Tried recruiting yourself, but without success?

We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job advert and then sitting back, waiting for the applications to start flowing in, just leaving you to pick the best candidate for the job.

It’s not…

However, with a little help from an online recruitment provider like Blue Rocket, we can make sure you are on your way to making a successful hire – quickly and easily, for just £399.

The main reasons why most hiring managers & business owners really struggle to recruit themselves are:

  1. They spend 5 minutes putting a quick paragraph together, explaining roughly what the job entails and use this as a job advert.

Recruitment advertising is marketing – you need to first get attention, create desire, and then sell the opportunity. Why is this job better than their current one.

2. They choose to run their advert on just one job board, leaving it to chance, that is where their ideal candidates are looking. Or, even worse – they choose a ‘Free to Advertise’ option, for       example with indeed – where after 15 minutes of posting, their job advert falls off a cliff onto page 12 or beyond.

3. Speed & communication (more a lack of) – hiring managers & business owners fail to communicate with applicants, acknowledging applications, updating applicants on the status of the role / their application. Plus, above all – not reviewing & interviewing candidates in a timely fashion. Waiting 3 weeks to contact the ideal applicant, only to find out that they got snapped up and started with a competitor a week ago.

We get it – business owners, hiring manager & entrepreneurs are busy getting on with running their business, looking after their customers and haven’t got time to invest in the recruitment process.

But… You need to invest in the recruitment process, and if you engage the services of Blue Rocket Recruitment, for just £399:

  • We’ll write you a compelling, fully optimised job advert from scratch, that will get the right candidates applying to your job
  • We’ll advertise your job across all the leading job boards, online platforms and social media – not only attracting the best candidates, but more of them
  • All applications come with full CVs and the applicant’s contact details
  • Our simple, cloud-based dashboard allows you to manage all applicants in one place
  • For a limited time, we’ll arrange all interviews on your behalf for FREE
  • Fully account managed – support only ever a call a way
  • We offer a recruit of your money back guarantee

So, if you are looking to recruit directly, but don’t have the expertise or the time to ensure your campaign is a success – engage Blue Rocket Recruitment.

For just a one-off fee of £399 (no more to pay), no contract, no commitments – you’ll be on your way to making your next great hire, fast.

Call one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email to find out more or to get cracking. 🚀