Hiring secrets that recruiters don’t want you to know

Recruitment has moved on dramatically from the days of your local cock of the walk recruitment consultant holding all the cards, by having their little black book of candidates that you cannot gain access to elsewhere.

The internet has changed recruitment dramatically, and technology & innovation will continue to do so, as with most industries.

However, in most cases the dysfunctional recruitment agency model has not changed at all since the 90’s. It has stayed outdated and living on the past glory of being able to gain access to that ‘little black book’.

Recruiters up and down the country, actually no – worldwide, claim that the best candidates are not on job boards or are not looking online.

When, today’s job seeker is always searching. Did you know that over 90% of job seekers use their smartphone to find their next role?

So, is it any surprise that over 94% of the vacancies a typical recruitment agency will fill, the successful candidates would of actually responded to an advert that the agency had run on job boards or online.

They won’t tell you that…

However, to be able to successfully recruit yourself, you need to make sure your job adverts are attracting the best people.

A well thought out, well written and an engaging job advert that appeals to your ideal target audience is key to your recruiting success.

That’s where our 20 years of recruitment marketing experience comes in.

For just £399, not only will we post your job advert across all the leading job boards & online platforms. Plus, give you full access to your own, award winning cloud-based dashboard to manage all applications from. We will transform your job description into a compelling, fully optimised job advert, selling your opportunity and engaging with your ideal candidate.

So, next time you look to recruit using an agency, paying thousands of pounds in recruitment fees, for the same candidates that with a little help & expertise from the team at Blue Rocket, you can recruit yourself for just £399. Plus, with Blue Rocket, you are able to make multiple hires from any campaign at no additional cost. Think again & slaughter them sacred cows.

The future of recruitment is here. Recruit like you are in 2020 🚀

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact myself of one of the team on 023 8033 6633 or email hi@bluerocketrec.co.uk

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

Founder 🚀