5 Things Candidates Want from a Job Advert

When you start to write a job advert, it can be very easy just to list the day-to-day responsibilities, perhaps the hours and the must have skills. But in today’s job market market, this is not enough to attract good quality, experienced applicants to apply for your job – so you could be missing out on finding your perfect hire.

So, to make sure that your adverts appeal to the best candidates, we have put together 5 things that every candidate wants from a new job. Craft your advert with this in mind, and watch the difference in applications – both the volume & quality.

  1. Your company culture

This doesn’t mean you have to sound like Google, but cultural fit is a massive thing for job seekers. Candidates don’t only want to know what their working environment is going to be like & the management style, they want to know about your values, social responsibility – what does your company stand for and how does it make a difference. This is especially important to millennials.

  1. Career prospects

No one wants their career to stand still, so if a job advert clearly states the possibility of long-term progression, candidates are far more likely to apply. They want to hear that they have the opportunity to develop their skills & receive additional training. Also phrases like, you will have the opportunity to grow your career and increase responsibilities as the company expands, always prove a hit.

  1. Attractive Salary

Money matters. Of course it does, we all have bills to pay. In fact, across all age & experience levels, salary is the highest priority for job seekers looking for a new role. Of course, it is not the only thing people look for in a job, it’s normally always the first.

Always include a salary, don’t just put depending on experience or competitive. Statistics show 2 in 3 job seekers are more likely to apply when a salary is displayed.

  1. Good benefits

If you offer good benefits, shout about them. 20 days plus Bank Holidays is not a great benefit, it is the minimum legally you can offer. The same with company pension – in most cases it is the minimum pension an employer can offer by law. Good benefits include; healthcare, substantial holiday, a day off on your birthday and discounted gym membership – these could be the deciding factors when candidates are deciding whether to apply for your job.

  1. Flexibility

The majority of job seekers are looking for a good work / life balance. If you can be a bit more flexible with the working hours, which can be a real selling point with candidates with young families.

If you add even some of the above into your advert, you will dramatically increase not only the number of applicants but the quality of applicants, so increasing your chances of making a successful hire.

If you would like any advice with regards to writing good adverts or candidate attraction tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team – we’d love to hear from you. 🚀🚀🚀