What is the main purpose of a Job Advert?

You would think the answer is quite obvious, and being such a key part of the recruitment process to get right, you would think that this is an area that hiring managers, directors, business owners & the like would spend the most time on, ensuring they get it right. Wrong. Just take a couple of minutes do a quick job search on indeed within your industry, and within the first couple of listings I bet you’ll see either a job ad containing just 2 short sentences, or a job ad with loads of spelling mistakes, or someone has just copied and pasted a job spec, full of jargon and about 3 pages long! You’ll probably soon come across all 3.

So, lets just cover the main purpose of a Job Advert…

  1. To communicate & sell the opportunity to potential applicants
  2. To outline key tasks & responsibilities without sounding like a job description
  3. To make the grass look greener (without bending the truth) – why is this opportunity better than the job they currently have?
  4. To subtly repel unsuitable candidates who do not have the experience you require
  5. Ultimately, to get suitable candidates to apply for the job

What you need to remember is that around 75% of all potential applicants are in work right now – working for one of your competitors. Within this 75%, you are most certainly going to find the best calibre candidates.

The 75% that are currently working, are very time poor – so if they are searching online, they are only doing this either at lunchtime or early evening, most likely whilst they’re eating their tea after a bad day at the office.

With this in mind, you firstly need to ensure that you advert is fully optimised and appears towards the top of the listings, if not – the very top. The potential applicant needs to click the job title and then you need to quickly address the applicants subconscious question of – what is in it for me?

You need to hit their emotional buttons & influence them into applying for your job. Job seekers have become job shoppers!

Remember – the main goal is get them to click the apply button and turn them into an applicant!

So, the next time you hear recruiters, employers, friends & colleagues moaning how job adverts & job boards don’t work anymore. Is it any wonder they receive a poor response? The quality of their job advert is crap.

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