Fill your job faster with our Indeed Job Sponsor Booster

Fill your job faster, sponsor it for a week on indeed for an additional £49 – billed at cost (£7 a day budget allocated – pay per application). You can of course increase the spend / your budget to fit your role, urgency and increase applications. We’ll sponsor your job on indeed, plus we’ll pay them directly, so all you need to do is sit back and review the extra applications.

1 week (£7 a day) is the lowest we would recommend in terms of budget, but if you have multiple roles to fill or are struggling for quality applications we would definitely recommend applying as much budget as you can (within reason of course), this will make sure that your job posting stays on top & easily found and not on page 5 by the end of the same day as you posted it for free.

At Blue Rocket, we will allocate the full £49 to your job advertisement and do not charge to sponsor & manage the job for you or to make payment to indeed – another reason to choose us  🚀

For information on our indeed job sponsor boost, or any aspects of our recruitment advertising services don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email 🚀🚀